Innovative and Forward

We include in our studies and operational concepts the “expected mid-term changes” which are expected for “individual traveler”, vacationers and home buyer.

Our approach:

– What is the future “target market” expecting from YOUR product?
– What technologies are required to compete with the future markets?
– How is “Social Media” and communication affecting travelers expectations?
– What is the definition of the individual traveler related to expected “customer services”?
– What services and infrastructure will be outdated in the years to come?
– What, When, Why, Who?

We are critically analysing todays hotels and resorts with their services and investments. We do belief that the” individual guest services” is going to change and will play a different rule for the future traveler in selecting his home a way from home.

Todays generation is sending hundreds of SMS every month, communication changes rapidly. Your investment should consider the future aspects.