Chinese and Singaporean business travellers are the hardest working when travelling on business

Accor has revealed the findings of its Accor Asia Pacific Business Traveller Research 2011, which seeks to better understand the travel and behavioural preferences of business travellers based in Asia Pacific.

The survey interviewed over 10,000 respondents who made business trips in the first half of this year. Based on data collected, in terms of the most hardworking business travellers, research suggest that Chinese (82%) and Singaporean (82%) business travellers are the most diligent, working most often in the hotel when travelling on business. Overall, 75% business travellers in Asia Pacific work at the hotel, with 97% of them working from their guest room, rather than the hotel cafe (17%), executive lounge (15%) or business centre (14%).

Hong Kong business travellers are trailblazers in terms of burning the midnight oil, with 14% of the executives based in Hong Kong working in the hotel between the hours of Midnight to 0600. However, the most popular time slot for work is from 21:00 to Midnight (52%).

The propensity to work can be seen from the fact that all markets consistantly rate the internet (Wi-Fi and wired internet in guest room and Wi-Fi in other locations in the hotel) as the hotel facilities / services most often used when travelling for business.

It’s not all work and no play
On the flip side, Indian business travellers (64%) are the most hardworking in the gym, followed by Australian business travellers at 55%. Executives from all other countries surveyed are also no slouches with more than 50% using the fitness centres at hotels, showing that they believe in the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and working around their hectic schedule to order to do so. The only exception being the Chinese business travellers at 49%, however given their demanding travel volume and propensity to work in the hotel when not out doing external business – they are probably too busy holed up working in the hotel with no time to gym as much as their fellow business travellers from other countries.

Continued strength in business travel anticipated for H2 2011

Based on data collected, Singapore (39%) and Hong Kong (38%) can expect to be the 2 most frequented destinations by business travellers for the second half of 2011. Both China (29%) and Thailand (29%) were ranked joint third.

In terms of destinations most frequently travelled to during the first half of the year, both Singapore and Hong Kong figure again, this time as joint firsts. 38% of respondents cited the two cities as places that they have travelled for business in H1 2011, reinforcing these two key cities as business gateways in Asia. Thailand (29%) marginally beat China (28%) to third (29%) on inbound business trips made in the first half of 2011.

In terms of country centric data, besides Singapore and Hong Kong, the other country in the Top 3 for the key Asia markets tended to be the closest geographical neighbor (eg. Australia for New Zealand business travellers and vice versa).

In terms of outbound travel, Asia Pacific based business travellers surveyed made an average of 6.3 trips in the first half of the year and this volume is anticipated to continue for the second half of the year (6.2 trips).

Executives from China (8.7 trips), India (7.3 trips), Singapore (7.1 trips) and Hong Kong SAR (6.8 trips) were the most frequent travellers in the first half of 2011. Moving into the second half of the year, business travellers from these countries still top the list, with only Singapore and India swapping positions as second and third.

Given the geographical size of some of the countries in our sample, some business travel took place within national borders. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Australia (34%), New Zealand (26%) and China (25%) had the highest incidence of domestic only business travel.

Location is ‘King’ (50%) in hotel choice for business travellers across all regions. Price competitiveness, previous positive hotel experience and hotel brand also figure strongly in the list. The Chinese are the only business travellers who have cited loyalty programmes as one of the 3 key influencers affecting hotel choice (Second highest factor after location).

Budget wise, business travellers in Asia Pacific have an average budget of US$121. Business travellers from Australia have the highest budget at US$158, second is Singapore (US$134) followed closely by Hong Kong (US$132).

The Rise of the Savvy Business Traveller
In terms of method for making bookings, online has dominated the reservation method with hotel branded websites (57%) and third party online agents (26%). The main reason for online bookings is cited as convenience (67%), the possibility of special offers (63%), instant confirmation (62%), ability to see the hotels’ facilities (56%) and easier management of the booking process (52%). An interesting observation is that business travellers from India (62%), Indonesia (56%) and Singapore (53%) believe that hotel branded websites provide the most competitive rates, whereas New Zealanders (52%), Australia (50%) and Thailand (45%) believe that independent online travel sites are the most competitive.

The research also uncovered that 61% of business executives are more likely to choose a hotel that is more environmentally conscious and 59% are willing to pay a 10% premium (across all markets) to stay with a hotel with a superior environmental commitment to a similar standard hotel in the same location. This points to the growing environmental consciousness of executives, possibly brought about by the awareness of the carbon footprint contributed by business travel. It is however female business travellers who are more inclined to be enviornmentally conscious than the males (Female 66% to Male 60% in choosing a hotel above others, simply because it is more environmentally conscious).

Efficiency is key for Asia Pacific
Executives when travelling for business Accor has revealed the findings of its Accor Asia Pacific Business Traveller Research 2011, which seeks to better understand the travel and behavioural preferences of business travellers based in Asia Pacific. The survey interviewed over 10,000 respondents who made business trips in the first half of this year.

From the findings, efficiency seems to be the overarching theme for executives on their business travels. The business travel starts with them booking directly with the hotel online (57%) versus 3rd parties travel websites. Asia Pacific’s business travellers surveyed also perceived the hotel branded website as having the most competitive rates. These findings point to them looking to achieve both effeciency as well as autonomy.

When choosing the hotel, the main factor is the location throughout all markets (50%), with price
competitiveness (25%) and previous experience with the hotel (28%) and/or the hotel brand (22%) also figuring strongly.

A large majority (75%) of Asia Pacific’s business travellers work in the hotel whilst travelling for business, especially during the hours of 21:00 to Midnight (52%). This could be due to the fact that they could be having their work related activities during in the day and catch up on work when they return to the hotel in the evening. Virtually all business travellers prefer to work in their guest room rather than in other areas of the hotel (executive lounge, cafe, lobby). This likely contributes to why Wi-Fi internet in guest room (85%) and Wired internet in guest room (77%) are cited as the top two facilities used in the hotel during their last hotel stay. Business travellers were also asked what in room facilities they expect to be introduced by hotels by 2014.

Again, efficiency came to the forefront with Online Check-In/Out (50%) and Online Booking for Hotel Facilities (32%) featuring top of the list. Products and services that provide for greater autonomy reigned with business

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